City Council Says Yes To $ 5 Million Bond Issue For Landfill Expansion | Recent news

YORK – York City Council has said yes to $ 5million bond issue that will fund a major $ 4million landfill expansion project as well as the purchase of a tractor scraper up close of $ 1 million that will be used for decades at the landfill.

The county also approved the bond issue, as part of the York County Solid Waste Agency with the city.

This expansion of the landfill is a significant investment which will be financed by strictly fiscal obligations. Historically, the landfill has always generated enough revenue to cover its own operations and debt service. While the county and city are legally responsible for using tax revenues to cover any shortfall in paying off that debt, Scott Keene (bonding agent with Pieper / Sadler) said it was never necessary in the history of the landfill and would probably never happen. .

“The landfill has always generated enough revenue to cover its operations and debt service,” Keene reiterated.

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It was noted that the landfill is expected to generate around $ 662,000 in excess revenue each year and require around $ 400,000 to cover debt service – in other words, more than enough to cover payments. And those payments will decrease after five years, as the scraping machine part will be paid off at that point and the other remaining debt for the landfill pods will last another 10 years.