Business Gateway Helps Recycling Company Succeed in Diversification

A SCOTLAND waste management and recycling company has secured £6,000 in funding and stopped tons of plastic waste going to landfill by diversifying its offering with support from Business Gateway.

The Moock Environmental Solutions team, based in Cumbernauld, have developed an enterprising approach to successfully adapting their business after suffering a 90% loss of business as their largest customer based in Europe stopped sending plastics to recycle in Scotland because of the implications. of Brexit.

Initially focused on recycling print consumables, the team developed and patented a new method of recycling toner powder that can be reprocessed into colored bricks, concrete and wall art.

Graeme Clowe, Owner, Moock Environmental Solutions: “We knew we needed to diversify our service offering if we were to survive the effects of Brexit and the pandemic. An idea came to me when I noticed all the single-use plastic used to wrap my daughter’s toys. I thought about how many other useless pieces of plastic were going to landfills and it inspired me to take action. I then contacted Business Gateway for help on how to diversify my business offering and launch a new service.

The company had access to a suite of support services through Business Gateway’s Growth Services, including one-on-one business advice, innovation support, advice on financing and connecting the business to its wider support network.

Through Business Gateway, Graeme was able to receive a £6,000 grant which funded 50% of the cost of purchasing a granulator, a device used to grind materials for recycling and reprocessing. This has allowed Graeme, who took over the 20-year-old business in 2019, to significantly improve its offering and reduce material transportation costs.

He also accessed Business Gateway’s free research service, which provided valuable insight into the latest market data enabling Moock Environmental Solutions to reach new potential customers with a more targeted service. Additionally, the company has received support from DigitalBoost, Scotland’s national digital upskilling program, delivered by Business Gateway. This supported a digital infrastructure project which involved reviewing systems and advising on the way forward.

Graeme said: “My advisor John has been of immense help for several years now, but especially through the challenges of COVID and the diversification of the business. The financing obtained for a new granulator has helped the company create a circular economy and provide better service to our customers.

“Business Gateway has been an invaluable resource for my business. The research services have been particularly helpful in effectively promoting the business.

John Strachan, Advisor, Business Gateway, said: “It is superb how Moock Environmental Solutions has adapted the business with innovation and diversification.

“It is gratifying to see how Graeme has achieved their goals, despite the pandemic, reaching a new market in which they are thriving by working with our team. We encourage all businesses to get in touch and use the services we have at Business Gateway, and if there are any areas where assistance is needed.

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