Budawang School Students Learn About Recycling | Milton Ulladulla Times

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At Budawang School, students recycle with Return and Earn to raise funds while learning about sustainability and developing a range of skills. Teacher Lynette Emery says her grade 7 and 8 science class is studying the environment this year. “We are exploring how we can help take care of our environment and recognize the need to reduce, reuse, recycle,” she says. “We are also exploring the contribution of science to finding solutions to global problems relevant to our present and future lives. We decided we wanted to find sustainable ways to manage and reduce waste. As a practical way to take action, the class implemented a school-wide recycling program, with students picking up, sorting and managing recycling from classrooms and offices around the school. Lynette’s class is supported by one of the 4th grade students who got involved, and by Elisha Ward, a student learning support worker at the school. In addition to separating cans and bottles so that they can be taken to the local Return and Earn (RVM) vending machine each week, students also collect and recycle flexible plastics, paper, and cardboard. “The whole school is very excited to recycle and think about ways we can take care of our world, so everyone is happy to contribute to our program,” says Lynette. Lynette says the hands-on retraining has been particularly beneficial for some of the students who find it difficult to be engaged for long periods of time and often need significant help with tasks. “By participating in this program, the boys increased their interest, commitment and time spent on a task. They have developed independence in carrying out their weekly duties, ”she says. “Their confidence in communication and the request for retraining from staff and students has improved, and they have had tremendous success going out into the community and feeding the bottles and containers into the RVM once a week. Lynette says they have raised $ 89.30 so far, adding, “Some weeks we have a lot of items to return. Some just one or two. But every gesture counts! She hopes to use the funds raised to purchase appropriate recycling bins for their classroom, or for playground sports equipment to encourage students to participate in physical activity during recess. “We will continue to implement the program this year and hope that our good example will encourage others to participate in the program in the future,” said Lynette. Return and Earn recommends checking the status of your nearest return point on our website at www.returnandearn.org.au/return-points before traveling and to avoid peak hours in the city. whenever possible. Anyone visiting a return point should ensure they comply with the latest public health orders, including checking in via the displayed QR code, wearing a mask, maintaining a social distancing of at least 1.5 meters with others and good hygiene.