BKT expands its range of tire sizes for recycling equipment

Types of machines working in material recycling centers differ a lot from each other as they are for different activities that face harsh and demanding environment for tires.

Not only did BKT develop bespoke products, but the company also continued to expand the range of tires available to provide as many sizes and variants as possible – meeting every very specific need.

For the development of its tyres, BKT starts from the experience of users and their needs by creating ranges of products that meet both resistance and durability requirements, while providing stability and comfort to drivers.

Thus, it is thanks to experience in the field that the five ranges of BKT tires were born for loaders, mini-loaders and telehandlers used in handling operations in storage and recycling environments.

The SKID MAX SR-SKIDDER tire can support heavy loads while maintaining ideal stability. Available now in two sizes, including the latest: 300/70 R 16.5 The all-steel structure of the tire with steel belts offers greater resistance to the carcass and therefore to shocks. The thick sidewall helps minimize the risk of punctures and accidental damage. In addition, the rim protector prevents punctures and impacts that could damage the area around the rim.

The wide tread has been designed with a continuous center lug and is made of a special anti-static and abrasion resistant tread compound to ensure ideal traction and long tread life.

Another tire used in recycling environments is the BK-LOADER 53, now available in the 405/70 R 18 size in addition to the existing 405/70 R 20 size. This aramid-belted tire features a tread design extra deep that provides lateral stability and resistance to wear, cuts and punctures. It also offers self-cleaning properties that provide debris expulsion and traction on wet and dry surfaces.

There’s also the EARTHMAX SR 53, with the new 29.5 R 29 size variants now available in both L-5** UMS (Underground Mining Service) and L-5*** classes. The deep L-5 tread provides wear resistance in addition to excellent self-cleaning properties. Special compound provides cut resistance. It is a tire for loaders and bulldozers operating in extreme conditions.

EARTHMAX SR 55 features a deep L5-S class tread along with a smooth surface providing long durability and minimized downtime.

Finally, GIANT TRAX has been designed for compact loaders operating on rough surfaces. Deep tread with wider, stronger blocks provides traction, stability and resistance to punctures. The special tread compound provides resistance to cuts, punctures and wear.

BKT has considered each specific recycling application. The concrete answer is products with ideal efficiency and safety to meet the needs of operators in the sector