Avalon will issue new recycling bins and containers next year | Local News

AVALON — The borough intends to use new uniform trash cans and recycling bins for residents starting next year in a bid to improve trash and recycling collection services while attracting offers competition from private entrepreneurs.

The planned conversion for residents to wind-resistant 96-gallon recycling bins and carts with lids is scheduled for May, the borough said in a news release. Carts will be provided to residents in advance, with the option to purchase more carts at an additional cost. The borough will provide a 2-yard container to each business when required.

The new garbage carts, which will be microchipped so they can be returned to their respective owners, have a 10-year warranty and will reduce landfill costs and workers’ compensation expenses , will improve considerations for the future return of containers to the side yard and protect the marine environment, the borough said.

“This transition to uniform garbage and recycling carts will help the borough attract competitive bids from private contractors while providing exceptional customer service and environmental benefits to our community,” said Mayor Martin Pagliughi.

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The decision comes after the borough reviewed its solid waste collection and recycling program when a private carrier, Gold Medal Environmental, requested the opening of an expiring contract due to inflation affecting the costs of fuel and labor.

On April 13, the borough council approved a memorandum of understanding with the Gold Medal, with the clause that residents will be required to return their trash cans and recycling containers to their own side yards. Avalon was the first community in Cape May County to enter into this agreement.

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The agreement preserved waste and recycling collection twice a week during the summer, and the return to a collection once a week during the off-season.

The borough is seeking new solid waste, recycling and bulk waste contracts that include side yard return as a bid option to determine value, and is in talks with Rehrig Pacific on a contract to provide the carts, the borough said.

A presentation on the new trash can and recycling cart program was provided by Avalon Purchasing Officer Joseph Clark and Business Administrator Scott Wahl at Wednesday’s borough council meeting.

The council introduced an ordinance that will fund commercial trash cans, and the borough plans to revise its municipal ordinance to reflect the use of rolling carts and 2-yard commercial containers in 2023.

Avalon’s budget for next year will also include funding for the one-time purchase of garbage cans and recycling carts for residents, the borough said. The borough could recoup up to 15% of deployment cart costs and will use grants to support the program.

The borough is planning a public information campaign to discuss the program in more detail.

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