Ask SAM: What are the guidelines for the placement of garbage, recycling and yard waste carts? | Local news

Here are the guidelines for garden waste carts:

• Carts cannot be overloaded – the cover must be fully closed and the cart (s) placed squarely on the curb for servicing.

• Only 3 carts per residence (limit of 150 lbs each) are eligible for service.

• Only 96 gallon carts compatible with city automated collection vehicles will be picked up.

From the City of Winston-Salem Sustainability Office, here are the guidelines for recycling trolleys:

• Place your recycling rolling cart at the curb or curb, with the front of the cart facing the street (the arrow on the cover indicates which way to place the cart).

• All items must fit inside the cart and the cover must be fully closed.

• Do not place the cart under utility lines or tree branches.

• Leave at least 3 feet of space around the rolling cart.

• Place only recyclable materials in the cart. These include paper, glass, metal and plastic bottles. Plastic grocery bags should be returned to stores that accept the bags for recycling.

• Place your cart at the curb, or less than 5 feet from the roadway, before 6 am on the day of your collection. Your cart should be visible and not blocked by parked vehicles or shrubs, etc. Once your cart has been emptied, remove it from the curb and store it safely.