AMP Robotics: Modernizing recycling with AI and automation

Founded in 2015, AMP Robotics is reimagining the global recycling infrastructure by applying AI and robotics to cost-effectively reclaim recovered recyclables as raw materials for the global supply chain.

The AMP Cortex high-speed robotic system automates the identification and sorting of recyclable materials from mixed material streams. Its proprietary technology applies computer vision and deep learning to guide high-speed robotic systems to identify, differentiate and recover recyclable materials found in the waste stream by color, size, shape, opacity, etc., storing data about each item it perceives.

According to the company, its sorting technology can pick up to 80 items per minute, about twice the rate of a human sorter, and the company has recorded up to 150 picks per minute with its tandem units.

AMP Clarity provides data and material characterization on captured and missed recyclables, helping recyclers and producers maximize recovery. With deployments in North America, Asia and Europe, AMP’s technology recovers recyclables from municipal collection, valuable products from electronic waste, high-value materials from construction and demolition debris and precious raw organic materials.