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1121 Locust will be a recycling dump in Quincy

QUINCY (WGEM) – The City of Quincy has announced the first drop-off site for its recycling program.

Director of Public Works Jeffrey Conte said Pepsi Bottling Company was the first lease they had signed.

The 13 aldermen present at the Quincy City Council meeting approved this recommendation on Monday evening.

Conte said the drop-off site will be on the 12th Street side of Locust, at the very end of property 1121 where it goes up to the Illinois Veterans Home property.

“The containers have been ordered. We will have a contract to maintain the bins. We have the first little lease done, we have two more leases to do,” Conte said. “Once the leases are in place, we need to have the platforms, access platforms and any necessary site improvements made. So we take steps. There is still work to be done, to be operational by March 1st and hopefully sooner than that.

Conte said the lease is $10 for three years, where Pepsi leases the property and the city is responsible for all site improvement costs.


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