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  1. Browse Patch’s Yearly vacation guide. Find nearby events and select the outings that appeal to you and yours. Many events start soon, while several require advance reservations, and space may be limited, so hurry up! You will find events from Albania To Walnut Creek and everywhere in between. (Concorde patch)
  2. A jury found Concorde resident Ross Farca guilty of four crime charges and a misdemeanor hate crime concerning the possession by Farca on June 4, 2019 of an assault armed retrieved after Facra posted anti-semite threats of mass murder on an online gaming platform, according to the Contra Costa District AttorneyOffice of. In addition to convictions for firearms and hate crimes, Farca has been sentenced of two charges criminal threats made to lead investigate officer during a follow-up search of Farca’s home on October 8, 2019. (Claycord.com)
  3. In response to the Nordstrom attack, Walnut Creek strengthen its police presence by spending $ 2 million over 18 months adding five officers to a new downtown pace, adding security cameras in the area, and steal a lanyard drone more Broadway Square. At a special meeting on Wednesday morning, the municipal Council voted unanimously to spend half of its unallocated federal budget American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) on measures to prevent a repeat of the coordinated looting of Nordstrom on November 20. (Claycord.com)
  4. At their meeting on November 10, the Contra Costa Community College District received a presentation on Equalization of neighborhoods based on the 2020 census. The college electoral redistribution process will begin at a public hearing at their December 8 meeting, with a card presented by district staff and the prosecutor, and must be completed by the end of February. Although the state education code requires the population of each neighborhood is equal “as much as possible”, according to 4CD staff, neighborhoods can legally have a population detour from one to the other up to 10%. (Contra Costa Herald)
  5. The City of Antioch created a Facade improvement program (FIP). The program will offer building and business owners the opportunity to enhance their building storefront with a financial motivation. The FIP allows improvements signage, awnings, paint and other storefront improvements. Companies can apply for the program from December 1 to Economic Development Department. The guidelines and applications are now available online and on the first floor at Antioch Town Hall, 200 H Street Downtown. (East County today)

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  • Cooking fats, oils and fats (FOG) in sewers (intentional or unintentional) can cause severe sewage back-ups, blockages and overflows. Instead of pouring holiday cooking grease down the drain, take it to Ironhouse Health District (ISD) for a good recycling. The program runs year-round, however, the district opens for a Saturday collection on December 4 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for easier access for those who work during the week.
  • Holly is back. Tell a friend! #HollytheHolidayElf is back for a 3rd season of local business tours and holiday events in our community! Make sure to follow the Grand Concord Chamber of Commerce to see Holly’s daily updates. (Facebook)

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